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SpongeBob SquarePants Season 8 episode 4 Recap

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In SpongeBob Square Pants series the fun doesn’t seems to end with SpongeBob doing all stupid things whether it is doing something with Patrick or disturbing Squidward or doing some mistake at Krusty Crab. All is worth watching; it always makes you laugh or at least brings a smile on your face. I rarely miss any episode of the series. Not only me but the SpongeBob Square pants episodes are loved by everybody that is evident from the long time span it has been running for.

The SpongeBob Square Pants series have completed 7 long years and on 26th May 2011 SpongeBob Square Pants Season 8 premiere episode was aired. And after this ongoing season ends SpongeBob Square Pants Season 9 episodes will start airing. Till the next season we should discuss the ongoing season.

Here we have a recap of one of it’s another loved episode. This SpongeBob Square Pants Season 8 Episode 4 was aired on 4th June 2011 with the title “Squidward’s School for Grown Ups”. In this we saw SpongeBob’s friend Patrick trying out a new thing and that thing was growing a beard. By growing a beard he thought that now he is a matured man and should act like one. For making himself behave like a matured man he approached none other than the biggest mature person of the SpongeBob Square Pants series, Squidward. Squidward is always seen behaving like a matured and never enjoying life and things around him as Sponge and in this episode he is trying to make Patrick like him too.

And as Squidward is boring person not enjoying things he makes Patrick the same who in turn stops having fun. Seeing this change in Patrick SpongeBob becomes tensed as to whether he will get back the old Patrick back or not, won’t they ever enjoy together.

Overall it was an enjoyable episode but if you missed it then better watch “SpongeBob Square Pants” online for it.