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SpongeBob Square Pants Season 8 starts with its Premiere episode

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Everyone simply loves SpongeBob Square Pants episodes. All his cute good deeds are loved by children.

On 26th February 2011 we all saw SpongeBob Square Pants Season 7 finale episode, titled “Perfect chemistry”. And the fans of the show did not have to wait much as SpongeBob Square Pants Season 8 premiere episodes were aired on 26th March 2011. One episode was titled “Oral Report” and other one “A Friendly game”.

SpongeBob Square Pants Season 8 episodes will mark the show being ranked as the longest running cartoon on Nickelodeon Channel and leaving behind Rugrats. Good news for the SpongeBob fans does not gets over at this, all fans will also see SpongeBob Square Pants Season 9. The show has been renewed and next season’s episodes will be aired in 2012.

“A friendly game” was the title of SpongeBob Square Pants Season 8 premiere episode. In this episode audience enjoyed watching SpongeBob and his friend Patrick builds a mini golf course in SpongeBob’s house. Its always sweet watching SpongeBob and Patrick do such things together.

Recent SpongeBob Square Pants Season 8 episode which was aired on 2nd April 2011 was titled “Sentimental Sponge”. All fans of SpongeBob very well know that he is very sentimental. In this episode audience saw SpongeBob cleaning his house. And while he is throwing the garbage he is stopped by Patrick, who makes him realize that he should not part with the items, with which he is sentimentally attached. SpongeBob thinks over it and decides that he will keep all such items with him until his house is full with no place left for him.

Really it was very sweet episode. But if you missed it better watch SpongeBob Square Pants online.